Hello everyone! My name is Hachi! Please to meet you!

I love playing with a ball. Today is a first time to take a piano lesson and I am so excited.

How do I look? Do I look cool?

The sitting on a chaire is like feel OK?

Ok! I will try to play a little bit! Right! Those keys are black keys and white keys! This white keys are C, D, E's keys... Humm.. playing piano is such a difficult instrument.

Let's practice right hand.

Let's practice left hand next! I started worry something, but am I playing right?

Practicing piano needs a lot of times and patients.

Yes! I feel like getting better, but I need to keep working otherwise I am not able to be better.

Practicing piano is very important to have a lot of energy and perseverance.

Oooh! I started exciting and get into my side!

Palying piano is such a pleasant. I am fascinated by beautiful sounds.

Playing piano is such a so fun!

I am still trying to keep working!

I started to feel sleepy a little by little.

I practiced piano very hard today and am so sleepy so I am going to take a nap.



I am looking forward to seeing you at the Maki Piano Studio!